Handmade Mixed Media Canvas: Kea Coastline with Agios Nikolaos Lighthouse - (30x30 cm)

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Experience the rugged beauty of Kea Island, Greece, through this evocative mixed media canvas titled "Kea Coastline with Agios Nikolaos Lighthouse." As an architect and artist with a passion for photography, I was captivated by the dramatic landscape of Kea's coastline, where the iconic Agios Nikolaos Lighthouse stands sentinel against the vast expanse of the Aegean Sea.
This unique artwork seamlessly blends a photograph of the coastline, featuring the lighthouse in the background, with mixed media techniques. The result is a textured, multi-dimensional piece that captures the raw beauty of the island's natural elements. The vibrant blues and greens of the sea and sky contrast with the warm earthy tones of the rugged coastline, creating a captivating visual experience. Each brushstroke and layer reflects my deep connection to Kea's wild beauty and the joy of capturing the essence of its timeless landscape.
Let this piece transport you to the windswept shores of Kea, where the Agios Nikolaos Lighthouse stands as a beacon of maritime history, guiding you through the island's captivating past and present.

Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 30x30 cm
Handmade by Denise Kolokotsa
Original photograph taken by Denise Kolokotsa
Inspired by Kea Island, Greece
Features the Kea coastline with Agios Nikolaos Lighthouse in the background

30×30 cm

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