Handmade Mixed Media Canvas: Stair Railing (30x20 cm)

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This mixed media artwork on canvas showcases the intricate beauty of architectural details found in my travels.
As an artist drawing inspiration from the island of Kea, I transform my photographs into unique pieces of art. This 30x20 cm piece reflects my passion for discovering and capturing intriguing structures.
Through a combination of textures and layers, this artwork evokes a sense of history and invites contemplation of the craftsmanship behind everyday elements.
My background in architecture, honed at the University of Florence, allows me to present a distinct perspective, blending technical understanding with an appreciation for artistic expression.

Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 30x20 cm
Handmade by Denise Kolokotsa
Original photograph taken by Denise Kolokotsa
Inspired by Kea Island, Greece
Features a wrought iron staircase 


30x20 cm

* Product colors may slightly vary from what appears on your screen.

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