Handmade Mixed Media Canvas: Vourkari Harbor Memories, Kea (2005) (30x20 cm)

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Journey back to the serene beauty of Kea Island, Greece, in 2005 with this evocative mixed media canvas titled "Vourkari Harbor Memories, Kea (2005)." As an architect and artist, I captured this photograph of the picturesque Vourkari harbor, its charming village nestled against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. The image is then transformed into a multi-layered artwork through mixed media techniques, adding depth and texture to the canvas.
The vibrant blues of the sea and the warm hues of the village buildings create a harmonious composition, while the textured frame adds a touch of rustic charm. Each brushstroke and layer reflects my love for Kea's timeless landscapes and the nostalgia of past moments.
Let this piece transport you to the tranquil Vourkari harbor in 2005, where fishing boats bob gently in the crystal-clear water and the island's laid-back lifestyle invites you to unwind and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 30x20 cm
Handmade by Denise Kolokotsa
Original photograph taken by Denise Kolokotsa in 2005
Inspired by Kea Island, Greece
Features the Vourkari harbor in 2005

30x20 cm

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